How to fly to Montenegro from Russia and back

There is no direct flight, you will have to transfer to get there. Entry to Montenegro for citizens of Russia and Belarus is visa-free and no PCR test is required.

At same time, for any of the listed routes, when departing from an airport in Russia, a PCR test is required and we recommend getting it.

Moscow-Belgrade-Podgorica or Tivat

Transit up to 12 hours through Serbia can be made without a PCR test. If you decide to stay in Belgrade, then you need a PCR test not older than 48 hours, entry for Russians is visa-free. AirSerbia and Aeroflot have a code-share agreement, so the ticket will be the same when purchased from any of these airlines. Nord Wind also flies to Belgrade from Moscow. Nikola Tesla Airport is compact, 1.5-2 hours are enough for a transfer. AirSerbia also flies to Belgrade from St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.


Direct flights of Aeroflot fly from Moscow daily. To enter the country, you need a Schengen or national visa, PCR test not older than 48 hours or a vaccination certificate, as well as confirmation of the hotel booking. For transit less than 12 hours to Montenegro, tests and certificates are not required. A hotel booking in Montenegro, temporary residence permit / permanent residence permit or ownership documents for realestate in Montenegro serve as the confirmation of transit. It takes less than half an hour by car from Dubrovnik airport to the border of Montenegro; buses also run from Dubrovnik.


The flights are operated by Austrian Airlines; a Schengen visa is not required for transit through Vienna. In the transit zone of the Austrian airport, most flights will have to wait about 20 hours, but there are also less time consuming transfers. It is advisable to use a single ticket or fly without luggage. When boarding a flight in Russia, confirmation of residence in Montenegro is also required. The flight experience of our subscriber is here.


There are evacutaion flights TK4911, but citizens of the Russian Federation are not permitted to take these flights. Look carefully for the tips on the carrier's web site when buying tickets. No PCR test is for transit through Turkey. Choose a transfer time of at least 2-3 hours, the airport is huge.

What to do when returning to Russia, instructions are here.
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May 6, 2021 Source: telegram channel Montenegro-News

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